• Garden Design: Layout Drawings & Planting Plans
• Construction: Paving / Groundworks / Walling & Timber Structures
• Soft Surfacing: Lawns / Planting / Watering Systems & Finishes
• Garden Restoration & Re-design.

Webb Landscapes offers a full design and construction service.
This work is generally separated into a Design phase, which involves meeting with clients to discuss their requirements and to provide drawings, costings and designs based on these factors. This stage establishes the cost of the work and materials and gives a clear vision of how the finishes will be achieved.

The Construction phase then follows which involves the building of the garden itself. This is when the ground-works/paving and walling can be laid out and built. Edging and fencing can also be erected. And any timber structures such as pergolas and arbours would be included at this stage.

The next step is when the garden elements really start to come together! The soft surfacing or soft-scaping takes place. This includes lawn installation, planting, watering systems, container planting and mulching of planted areas.

Over the years we have worked on older gardens in terms of bringing in new design elements or re-planting. Often only a new paved area is required to enjoy the morning or evening sun, or a layout is not working and needs to be re-think.

We have also provided a build-only option working to another designer’s plans. Sometimes in larger gardens it may prove more feasible to include elements of a design over time due to time or budget constraints.

Testament to our work are the gardens we have worked in from their inception and we continue to maintain and improve over time. This provides a unique perspective on knowing how materials perform over time and a realistic view on maintenance needs into the future.