• Grass care
• Weed control
• Hedge cutting / shrub pruning / shaping
• Planting / mulching /edging
• Tree care
• Paving repair and cleaning.

Maintenance works rotate on a weekly, bi-weekly and a monthly basis. This is determined by budget, required finishes and frequency.

Once-off clearance and restoration works are also carried out along with twice yearly visits for customers who need professional help.

Works undertaken include lawn maintenance and the upkeep of beds and borders. Edging and mulching is carried out to ensure sharp finishes and neatness of appearance. Weed control both manual and chemical is scheduled on an ongoing basis. Usually twice a year pruning and shaping of shrubs, hedges and trees is required to maintain growth habit and health of your garden.

Sometimes plants will need to be removed and replaced and we can advise you on the best options and re-plant as necessary. Also driveways and paving need to be maintained. This may involve re-pointing paving or re-laying, power-washing and resealing areas. Winter storms give us call to re-fix fencing, gates and other structures which may have been damaged.

If you long for that green striped lawn which is weed free we can provide lawn treatments such as moss removal, selective spraying of broadleaf weeds and fertilisation of lawns to increase the quality and cut finish of your lawn and garden.